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Domestic Violence Programs

Domestic Violence is a psycho-educational program with separate male and female groups that consists of 27 weekly, 1 1/2 hour sessions.

The Domestic Violence Program may also include substance abuse counseling plus self-help group meetings. Important areas that are addressed in the program are: physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual violence and intimidation through the use of power and control and equality. Click the following to see the: Power and Control and Equality Wheels.

We have a no cost Victim Support Group that will help you to develop safety plans, recognize warning signs, learn about the cycle of domestic violence, anger reaction and family and children issues.

Anger Management

Anger Management is a psycho-educational program consisting of 8, 16 or 18 weekly, 1 1/2 hour sessions. The Anger Management Program addresses an awareness of a pattern of angry behaviors, clarifying origins of and alternatives to aggressive anger and for impulse control.

Substance Abuse Groups

The evidence based Substance Abuse Treatment Program may consist of a minimum of eight (8) weekly group sessions and a maximum of eighteen (18) weekly group sessions that consists of 1 1/2 hours each plus random urine analysis. The program has a point system for completion while also monitoring attendance, participation and involvement in voluntary community 12-step support groups.

This AIM TARGET program may also be utilized for first offense clients who exhibit mild symptoms of chemical abuse as well as clients who have a history of more than one incident of DUI or substance abuse and who also display moderate symptoms of chemical dependency. Additionally, the program serves as an ongoing assessment and referral source for clients who may require additional intensive therapy.

We also offer a six (6) week educational substance abuse program. The program is designed to address substance abuse issues for the clients that do not need treatment, but would benefit through education. Content of this program is primarily awareness and instructional. Targeting Substance Clients referred from Diversion Court.

Individual or Groups

All of our programs are group sessions. Our Substance Abuse and Anger Management programs offer individual sessions as well.

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