Alcohol and Drug Testing For Businesses

Drug Testing Employees and New Applicants

Why Businesses Should Have a Drug Free Workplace

Alcohol and Drug Testing KitsEmployers, whether their business is small or large, have accepted the practice of alcohol and drug testing for new applicants as well as their own employees. Even though alcohol and drug testing has added additional costs to the companies that implement this practice, they may be saving more money down the road. Here are some reasons why:

Intoxicated Workers Decrease Safety

Having employees that are alcohol and drug free during business hours will increase the safety of the; workplace as a whole, customers and other people outside of the workplace. For businesses where safety is a high priority, this helps to ease the minds of their employees by not having to worry about their co-workers being intoxicated or high on drugs.

Some businesses use heavy equipment such as forklifts. An intoxicated forklift operator endangers the well-being of co-workers, customers and them self. If a person drives a delivery truck, they too endanger the well-being of people outside of the business.

Other workplaces where safety is a high risk factor would be factories, machine shops, warehouses and construction sites. These types of jobs all require employees with a clear mind. The medical field is also another area where people need to have a clear mind to make decisions regarding the health and welfare of their clients.

It is a fact that for most people, being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs reduces motor skills, reaction time and impairs judgment. Anyone of these can not only cause hazardous conditions, but also reduce production, efficiency and cause costly mistakes.

All of the above are just some of the things that require a worker to be on alert at all times. This is where alcohol and drug testing can play a huge role in providing safety for your workers.

Help Your Employees

If an employee does test positive for alcohol and/or drugs, it doesn’t have to end there by terminating the employee. Most people that are showing signs of impairment at work may have an underlying problem that is causing this. Generally, people just don’t decide to start abusing alcohol and/or drugs, something usually causes them to begin using.

As an employer, you can take the time to have a conversation with the employee about their problem. You can give them the option to seek treatment. One way to start would be to get an assessment from a qualified substance abuse counselor. After the assessment, the counselor will then recommend the proper treatment for the employee.

Treatment may include one or the combinations of any of these programs: inpatient or outpatient treatment, substance abuse classes, attend support group meetings such as, AA or NA, have one-on-one sessions with a counselor and continued alcohol and drug testing.

You, the employer, will have the opportunity to receive reports on how your employee is doing regarding their participation and attendance in any of these programs.

Substance Abuse Education

Education on substance abuse is another way to help your management staff and employees. This can provide valuable information that may keep someone from abusing substances before they get started. Also, post a list of resources that they can use to contact if they should ever need to get help.

If the insurance company that you are using is not requiring you to have a drug free workplace program, you may want to contact them and see if they will support you by offering you a discount. You may be able to save money on your insurance premium along with having an alcohol and drug free workplace.

Even if your insurance company won’t support you in having a drug free workplace, you can still help in providing extra safety to your employees by starting a random alcohol and drug testing program on your own.

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You can create your own Drug Free Workplace Policy right here: Drug Free Workplace Advisor

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