For Domestic Violence Victims in an Abusive Relationship

An Escape Plan For Domestic Violence Victims

Escape Plan | Domestic Violence The information in this article is a basic guide to help someone that is in an abusive relationship carefully plan an escape. This information is not addressed to any certain state and it does not contain resources, instead it is up to you to find the resources in your area that will help you and keep you safe.

Careful Planning Before You Leave is Crucial

Do your research and carry out all aspects of your escape plan. It’s extremely important to do this if the person that you are trying to get away from is a danger to your well being.

Create a plan where you can grab the minimum amount of necessities that you will need and look for places where you can safely leave your home without being seen. This part of the plan is important in case you need to leave in a hurry.

If it looks like you may be leaving in the near future, now is the time to make a record of all documents that you will need. Make copies of all your ID cards and important papers that you will not have access to and be sure to include copies of your children’s documents and a list of all passwords and pin numbers.

Start a fund for your escape by putting as much money as you can aside for the time when you are ready to leave. Your partner will most likely close out the bank accounts and cancel the credit cards. Be sure to secure yourself a place to stay whether it is at a shelter, with family, or with friends.

Don’t Wait to Locate Shelters

Check with shelters for domestic violence victims to see if you need to be put on a waiting list and if this is the case, get your name on the list. Some of these shelters may be booked up, so don’t hesitate to call around and get on their waiting list.

You may want to create an emergency kit and stash it at a family member’s house or a friend’s house in case you have to leave suddenly. This way, you are not leaving with just the clothes on your back.

Prepare a Check List

In some cases, a person has time to pack up other important belongings that they couldn’t get ready before hand. So, make sure that you have prepared a check list of items that you want to take with you because some people get nervous when they are getting ready to flee and end up forgetting items that are important to them and even necessities.

Forgotten items are usually things like, medications, photo albums, enough clothing for themselves and their children, and jewellery.

Another part of your plan should include a list of phone numbers and addresses of, shelters for domestic violence victims, community resources, your attorney, police stations, your children’s schools and any other people that may be of assisstance to you.

If you plan on using public transportation, acquire schedules for bus routes and it wouldn’t hurt to have the phone numbers of a few taxi services.

Get Interim Custody

If you have children and you are going to take them with you, be sure to hire an attorney so that he can get interim custody for you. This way you can have legal custody of them and not face kidnapping charges if it gets that far.

If you can’t afford an attorney, try to find some sort of legal counsel that can help you. Check out resources in your area for ones that help people that are in a situation such as yours.

Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Do not try to leave when your spouse is at home, this could cause a confrontation that may get dangerous. Never mention your plans to your spouse or even mention the idea that you are going to leave.

If you know that it is going to be difficult to leave, try finding a place to go once a week that won’t raise suspicion like, a regular visit to a friend’s house, or join a gym perhaps, this way your spouse won’t miss your presence and you can escape before they even know it.

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