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Alcohol and Drug Testing For Businesses

Drug Testing Employees and New Applicants

Why Businesses Should Have a Drug Free Workplace

Alcohol and Drug Testing KitsEmployers, whether their business is small or large, have accepted the practice of alcohol and drug testing for new applicants as well as their own employees. Even though alcohol and drug testing has added additional costs to the companies that implement this practice, they may be saving more money down the road. Here are some reasons why:

Intoxicated Workers Decrease Safety

Having employees that are alcohol and drug free during business hours will increase the safety of the; workplace as a whole, customers and other people outside of the workplace. For businesses where safety is a high priority, this helps to ease the minds of their employees by not having to worry about their co-workers being intoxicated or high on drugs.

Some businesses use heavy equipment such as forklifts. An intoxicated forklift operator endangers the well-being of co-workers, customers and them self. If a person drives a delivery truck, they too endanger the well-being of people outside of the business.

Other workplaces where safety is a high risk factor would be factories, machine shops, warehouses and construction sites. These types of jobs all require employees with a clear mind. The medical field is also another area where people need to have a clear mind to make decisions regarding the health and welfare of their clients.

It is a fact that for most people, being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs reduces motor skills, reaction time and impairs judgment. Anyone of these can not only cause hazardous conditions, but also reduce production, efficiency and cause costly mistakes.

All of the above are just some of the things that require a worker to be on alert at all times. This is where alcohol and drug testing can play a huge role in providing safety for your workers.

Help Your Employees

If an employee does test positive for alcohol and/or drugs, it doesn’t have to end there by terminating the employee. Most people that are showing signs of impairment at work may have an underlying problem that is causing this. Generally, people just don’t decide to start abusing alcohol and/or drugs, something usually causes them to begin using.

As an employer, you can take the time to have a conversation with the employee about their problem. You can give them the option to seek treatment. One way to start would be to get an assessment from a qualified substance abuse counselor. After the assessment, the counselor will then recommend the proper treatment for the employee.

Treatment may include one or the combinations of any of these programs: inpatient or outpatient treatment, substance abuse classes, attend support group meetings such as, AA or NA, have one-on-one sessions with a counselor and continued alcohol and drug testing.

You, the employer, will have the opportunity to receive reports on how your employee is doing regarding their participation and attendance in any of these programs.

Substance Abuse Education

Education on substance abuse is another way to help your management staff and employees. This can provide valuable information that may keep someone from abusing substances before they get started. Also, post a list of resources that they can use to contact if they should ever need to get help.

If the insurance company that you are using is not requiring you to have a drug free workplace program, you may want to contact them and see if they will support you by offering you a discount. You may be able to save money on your insurance premium along with having an alcohol and drug free workplace.

Even if your insurance company won’t support you in having a drug free workplace, you can still help in providing extra safety to your employees by starting a random alcohol and drug testing program on your own.

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You can create your own Drug Free Workplace Policy right here: Drug Free Workplace Advisor

Alcohol Or Drugs Will Only Prolong Your Worries and Fears

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

The Make Up of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous | Narcotics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are made up of individuals from all walks of life. There are a couple of reasons for this; one is because addiction has no preferences and two is because some people are forced to go to these support group meetings.

Addiction Has No Favorites

Addiction can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter whether they are a janitor or a doctor, or what their race is, or their culture, this is the reason why you will find all different types of people at these meetings. Some have no choice in the matter, they may have to go because they were court mandated, made to go by their employer, or it just may be part of their treatment plan.

Whether you go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous because you want to or not, you will get something out of these meetings. Everyone has a different story to tell and at some point, a person’s story will relate to someone in that meeting.

The people that are involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are there to help keep themselves clean as well as helping out the newcomers that attend these meetings. Their involvement may also consist of being a member of a homegroup and/or to offer sponsorship to someone that is looking for a mentor.

Why AA or NA?

When you get right down to it, people go to these meetings because they want to stop drinking and/or using drugs. These people have come to a conclusion that they need help and Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is a place where they can find it.

There have been many people who have attended these meetings that were in denial, thought that they didn’t have a problem or were made to go and found out that they do have a problem and decided that they need help. Some have left that were still in denial only to end up coming back in the future when they realized that they do have a problem and need help.

There are those that will not attend these meetings because they are under the impression that Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are religious programs. They have what they call the 12 steps and these steps help a person to grow spiritually. They do say the Serenity prayer at the beginning of the meeting and the Lord’s prayer at the end of the meeting, but no person is obligated to participate in saying these prayers.

About the Twelve Steps of AA and NA

The 12 steps are there to help people recover from the damage that addiction has done to their life inside and out. They will help an individual make their life more manageable and teach a person how to cope with everyday problems that may arise in one’s life.

When a person learns how to deal with their thought process, their emotions and make behavioral modifications, their chances of relapsing will decrease dramatically. It’s the path to recovery and the 12 steps work only if you are willing to work them. It has been proven time and time again that by working these steps, people have been able to live a much happier life and free from addiction.

Helping Someone Get to a Meeting

You yourself may not have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs, but you may know someone that does. If this is the case, you may want to invite them to attend an open meeting with you. You don’t have to mention to them that you think that they have a problem because they may feel offended and get resentful. You can think of another reason why you would like them to go with you.

On the other hand, you may have to help them see that they have a problem. Speak softly and discuss with them why you think that they have a problem. You can use video or a recorder to show a person how alcohol and/or drug abuse affects them when they use.

Whatever approach you may consider using, do not make the person feel that they are being attacked, this could make matters worse and trigger them into using. It’s the nature of the addiction.

Try to empathize with a person that is recovering from addiction, they may not make it the first time around and they are going to need all the support that they can get. They have a lot to deal with in the first year of recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are just that, they are anonymous. You don’t have to disclose anything about yourself at these meetings. No one will force you to do anything. For the beginner, you may want to find meetings that have a large attendance, you will feel more relaxed as opposed to a meeting where there are only about ten to fifteen people.

For a list of meetings in your area, you can check out these two sites: Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings or Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

alcohol abuse An alcoholic, whether they are dependent on or suffer from alcohol abuse should inquire about getting treatment. Alcoholism is an illness that should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to alcoholism, there are specific signs to look for that would determine if a person needs treatment and what kind of treatment would best suit their needs.

When an alcoholic feels shame from their behavior, they will try to justify it by deceiving themselves and also by lying to others. This is a strong indication that the alcoholic is aware of their illness but in many cases, they are not willing to seek treatment.

To the alcoholic, as long as they are not having serious problems in their life caused by alcohol abuse, many do not see any need to quit their behavior and therefore, will continue to drink.

Stress is a common part of our daily lives, but for some people, they use alcohol as a way of coping with stress. If this is the case, then chances are that they are drinking on a daily basis. Those that are using alcohol to deal with stress may want to consider being evaluated for alcohol abuse.

With alcoholism being a progressive disease, it can play many different roles in how it affects the alcoholic’s life and those around them. For instance, a person may not be able to control the quantity of alcohol that they consume, while others become physically dependent on the substance and many continue abusing alcohol knowing that it can cause health problems.

Emotional Drinking

Self-pity, depression and anger are just a few of the reasons why an alcoholic will drink. For many, they will experience feelings of guilt during their drinking episodes or when they sober up. This is what is known as emotional drinking and it is a good sign that a person is abusing alcohol.

A person that is abusing alcohol will often be confronted by concerned family members or friends or they themselves will be thinking about the need to cut back on their drinking or even attempt to quit on their own.

Always seek advice from a medical physician or a professional that deals with alcoholism and substance abuse. Depending on the stage of alcoholism, an alcoholic attempting to stop drinking may suffer from serious physical withdrawls which will require immediate medical attention.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings